I like being alone, but here’s my problem with it:

Say you commit a crime against society : what do they do? They take you away from the openness and freedom of that society and confine you within a highly limited much smaller society. And if you find yourself on the wrong side of that society? You get the ultimate punishment: solitary confinement.

Sure it’s different, but it’s also the same. What sort of fuck requests solitary? Of course the fatal flaw in that is that it’s very different, in all sorts of ways. For a big fat starters, the mindset of a convict getting ejected from population and crammed into a container is bound to differ in at least every way from my easy reliance and indulgence choosing to be alone.

On at least a superficial level tho, it’s true. One of mankind’s worst tortures is my preference. I’ve always done it, been it, enjoyed it, been allowed it. So leave me the fuck alone about it, will you?



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