Maybe this very moment.

Trump happiestu

You don’t get that look for historic peace progress between North Korea and vindication of your Russian collusion accusations alone. It takes the nod of a Kanye West to bestow such true feels.

What you see is the moment he’s the most successful and powerful he’s ever been, at whatever microsecond flash that hour of April 28 2018. It’s after he skipped the hostile White House Correspondent’s roast in Washington, DC (yet again) for a campaign-style rally in Washington, Michigan, where he could be brightly lit alone on stage before a mob cheering him for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the prolonged afterglow, surrounded by powerful white people who respect him, for the moment able to forget he’s him, who will repel and turn off and isolate people tomorrow. Tonight everything is Right.

It’s a peak of triumph for anyone, don’t doubt it, much less someone from the plush depths whence it began. Sure there’s his marriage, and chaos in the White House, and personal and professional mistakes on all sides…but there always has been. He has managed to escape, ignore, refuse and capitalize on every obstacle in his remarkable life. Now, surely, there is nowhere higher he can achieve than leader of the free world of Earth with potentially world peace, to a point, and good Americans employed in them coal mines again.

Predicting 45 is futile. I’ll go so far’s to say it can’t possibly get better for him than this. Or can it…Since past evidences suggest everything always gets better for Donald J whateversis, we need to start expecting a hostile space alien invasion. Like, now.


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