Alright, this is happening. There’s nothing I can do about it, and there’s nothing you can do about it, and there’s nothing we can do about it, so I’m going to ask your forgiveness, as you might see it, allowance may some else, and get into the spirit of the thing by seeing from a story perspective the historical inevitability of the most successful best-case-possible fiction of what will someday soon be the memory of what starts to actually happen out of every possible future, starting tomorrow, or Monday since he’s taking the weekend. Whenever, whatever the President happens to happen next in the order of things-that-will-have-happened-in-history, no matter what we do, those things are going to happen — and yes, as you suspect, each one will lead to others, all of which may in turn affect us each, or not. Largely, they will not. And so. For those reasons and more. I am going to put my support and encouragement. I am going to concentrate on the positives. Does it hurt to think positive? According to my reading it does not. Your own lives and feeds will be fed well enough with every irrelevant foolish indiscretion committed by the boob, sorry, that was the last one. What I’m saying is that what I’m about to say will sound like faint praise, but it’s not meant that way — Not everything he, the President, President Donald J Trump, might as well get used to saying it, speaks is offensive. You heard me, and you agree with some of what he says, I know you do. No, I don’t know-know — but you’re enough like me, in roughly seven out of nine or ten ways, and I agree with some of what he says so so do you. I agree, for example, with something he said today or so, that went “The time for empty talk is over.” That showed a self-awareness he doesn’t get enough credit for. He knows he’s there, and that should count. Sure, maybe he’s never shown that before, but you can sure be sure that’s sure to change. And yes that’s an example of how I… Am announcing… That I may not post about it much, but… On a personal level, I will know that I have accepted Donald J Trump as my lord and savior. No! That’s just what he wants, I won’t go that far. I will wont, read my lips. Instead I pledge to only try to view whatever history happens next, in what we collectively observe as the Real World, through an omnipotentish and thematically altruishish scope, with the best of all butterfly and other effects, over a prospective period of them there decades down that way.… groan, I’m saying the words but it’s hard to mean them. I mean, I’m such a true-blooded optimist I want to get married, but sheesh, I saw a pic of him writing his Inauguration Address and, if it’s not fake news, I heard he then tweeted it [major facepalm]. [headshake] [faceslap] Okay myself, get ahold of thyself. It ain’t not the total former un-end of the ex-world, it’s just the sort of irrelevant foolish indiscretion I was…No, think more positive : the fact is this: He is the first President in this particular modern technology age, really, the now of the real double barrelled full-bore online electro-mania that is today today. We don’t know what the limits are, and I would like, as a story, to know what path this apparent tragedy takes to become a victory.  We need to know what the limits are, the….depths of it, and still claim victory. That’s it – DJDrumpf is a social bellweather, but unbeknownst to him he is also the flashlight on a string lowered into an old chasm newly rediscovered.. But that’s not fair: there are kids who pump for Trump, those unsullied innocents, as do blacks, gays, veterans, and plenty of women for petesake…. So many real people, with their own elaborate lives and, apparently, souls of their own, among them people I respect and love. Stacey for example, and Ed one of the best fishermen I know. How can that good a fisherman be bad? No, this exercise requires me to think of the long-term, intercontinental, the global, and even the downright galactic good in everything Trump does, decades away, that its intention of good echoes on tomorrow… or maybe… along the… way…. Good heavens, this is wearing, can you tell? Not tiring, no — I could peaceably argue the pros of Trump til the turtles return to Fort Centennial (look it up (don’t look it up)) — just wearing. Luckily it’s worth it. Reminder to self: add to your pro-Trump pile all the Russian people, including kids on tape, who are glad President Donald Trump is President because they fear war. They are celebrating in the streets; maybe not like thousands of Muslims a certain September day, but that was taken out of context or something, I’m new at this. Like almost everything that seems bad, it’s not all bad. Snot. In fact, given the right circumstances, this is potentially a great thing for humanity, one of the greatest, the greatest. What the hell did I just say, you ask? Yes, I answers, Yar! No, I’m not joking–did you not read my entire premise above? Basically it posits there are innumerable, even infinite ways greatness can happen, and some of them depend on a change in Trump, but only some. Hell, for all we know he will turn out to be the greatest President. Yes alright, stop your hawhawing. I concede that seems beyond absurd since he’s perhaps (probably?) the worst man to hold the office… but the one does not preclude the other, and anyway from a narrative perspective it’s better if the best thing that ever happened seemed at first like the worst thing. To a point at least; many a bad story took it too far. Perhaps, for all its overt brash foulness, this story of our times is just the sort of root system the office of the world needs for this time and the future. It could be, you don’t know. And even after the Trump era, how many of his effects, like so many of our own, yours and mines, like all the unknown effects of people through history, won’t be known, except by inference, rumour, or, if they’re lucky, something else. It makes a thought think.


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