I am privileged in this lunatic historical sidetrip to be white, male, and straight (and above all Canadian), but it’s dangerous to completely discount all males because we’re born by a quirk of genetics without baby plumbing. Doing so blindly assumes the absence of empathy for an entire gender and just draws more imaginary battle lines. We might not have access to the feeling on a ‘visceral level’, but that still leaves a great many associated emotions that we, as feminists, do share.

It’s too early in his campaign of alienation for me to decide if he’s trying to be the “Shoot Me” President or just the “Hate Me” President. Some of the things he’s said seem to have escaped his own notice — repeated promises to be “President for all Americans” for example, and, during that dystopic inauguration speech, “To all Americans in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, from ocean to ocean, hear these words: You will never be ignored again.”

His faulty awareness of US geography aside (what mountains does he think mark the country’s borders? Does he not know Alaska has a third ocean? What of Hawaii?), I fully agree with the sentiment. Unfortunately, my support for the ideas is tempered by my certainty he doesn’t mean them at all. Thus far in the flaming, frightening, 32,000 car pileup that has been his rhetoric since the beginning of the election, the only utterance I fully stand behind is “If Ivanka wasn’t my daughter I’d probably be dating her.” 100% Donald — if she wasn’t your daughter I’d probably date her too.

Then again… a bit of further contemplation about the *President’s (asterix forever by his title since he lost the popular vote) consistently expressed low view of women leads me to one of two conclusions:

  1. Ivanka has voiced her disagreement and distaste to her father about his caveman misogyny and he ignored her
  2. she has said nothing.

I like to think it’s #1 and put all the blame on Drumpf, but in the absence of evidence #2 remains equally likely.

Red and Blue seems to be all some people can see anymore. Slavish devotion to party lines, the “us vs them” mania at the expense of any degree of honest personal introspection, is a cul de sac off history lane. That path only gets narrower, curling ever tighter, eventually finding itself up its own ass where the slogan “Make A rectum Great Again” finally meets its destiny.

And it’s not like I blame the voters. They have reasons to swing the pendulum so far out to… not to the Right, exactly, since Trump’s not quite what would have been identified as GOP in the past. He’s nothing precedented, a whole new creatyre, a ‘Tangerine Tyrant’ as Greg Proops says, an invention too bizarre for fiction so he had to become real. America will, I expect, survive this Orange Julius Caeser, this Cheeto Benito Mussolini, and will have learned much about itself and its place in the world. Sure, he’ll fuck things up — maybe even strongly, but also finitely. If he can dismantle and reverse what happened before his rule, so can whatever he does be turned to ash in his aftermath.

This is sure to be, in the long (long, long long) run a highly constructive period. Humans progressed mightily from the low ebbs of the Dark Ages, the Crusades, disco. The President is not all powerful, or even near it. We need to give democracy some credit: it’s in place to keep leaders like Trump confined.


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