My apologies, that one’s on me. I had every reason to believe I was going to start thinking all positive there of His Presidency Donald John Trump (esq, probably) or at least sharing those thoughts only. Positive reportage shouldn’t be that hard to find, given the great number of events occurring all the time every time these days. All I need’s to do’s extract, however surgically, some of what can be called Good News About Trump from the incredible all of it all.

But, like candy cane-painted rebar, that proves harder than it looks. Perhaps the Donald himself is too big a target to start with now. He’s not just himself anymore, after all. He’s become a massive cloud, a mobile town of security and agents and aides and advisers. Sometimes they’re an outpost, sometimes enclaved, but from his foreign officers down to his footmen, from the Vice President to the Minister of Propoganda, from the Corporal barber on Air Force One who can’t believe he has Top Secret clearance to the quiet dedicated agent willing to get his hands dirty, and everybody else and beyond, all are part of him now. (I mean dirty worker in the Biblical way, cleaning up his dogshit and such)

Speaking of which, what is the Trump White House dog? Will the Trumps get one? It would be an allowance to history and tradition, but on the other hand not doing so will alienate much of America. Knowing PTrump (<–mine) he’ll throw the public a dog bone and let them vote on it, deigning his people an inconsequential active voice in what’s left of a democracy that barely resembles the one they once thought they knew. My vote’s Russian wolfhound, since I think that’s what he’s getting anyway.

The good news turns out to be that, according to me, I can seek and find my Trump Goodnews from all over that new multinational corporation known as the Trump Presidency — hell, with that much history being created there’s bound to be plenty of the good stuff. Or is it called the Trump White House? Is there an actual name, or is the entity that is “leader of too much shit for one single man” too big for one single label? When I dismiss you today, that’s your homework; I want 4 to 6 tweets on it before the snows fall on Kilimanjaro, which we’ll say is nine tomorrow. Put it in my box or through my slot if I’m not there. If I am, follow my instructions precisely, and don’t mention anything I don’t mention first.

I’m probably kidding, unless you know who you are. The rest of you (of us!), we all and beyond, can enjoy here the pleasing early warning sounds of Chuck Todd’s waves of attentive relentlessness crashing against the tireless cliffs of obstinate evasiveness known as Kellyanne Conway, in her first Meeting with The Press following the inauguration.

Right? Literally, I know, but still. Check out the rest of the episode sometime, it’s good too. Sometimes the analysis is the best part…but not this time, whoa. The way she refused to answer, her masterful efforts at misdirection, how she stuck to her guns in the ansence of all success. If you thought she was just a pretty face in garishly patriotic garb before you have a different opinion of her now, I tell you. She is a willow, delicate and pretty, bendy unbreaky, rooted wherever’s the best soil for the needs of her wants. You can’t help but like her, unless you try.

I hope you don’t.

Shatner 2:40, 20:28 Meet The Press 20:38

MTP 7:20 exactly.

Shatner 6:18


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