Been light on the blogging lately, expending more mental energies on the soon-to-be-gone IMDb message boards ( for some good points about it).

Since 2007 I’ve been a denizen there, half the time talking about movies and music and writing, half about politics and philosophy and everything else. It’s become something of a morass of id against id, but I’ll miss always having somewhere to go for all degree of discussion and debate. As general interest message boards go it’s one of the biggest, a community with few peers on the net, an international meeting place for individuals of all stripes to talk anything under the sun. Other boards exist, of course — one of the major topics on IMDb lately concerns where regular users will end up later this month. I hope I’ll miss it, because I hope I don’t just hop over to another forum. Fun and informative and social it may be, but it’s also an addiction.

In the meantime, as you’d expect in a burning Rome, the rabble are rioting. The most extreme demonstrations of Democrat vs Republican are the new norm, even moreso than before when I thought the ultra-partisanship was bad. A place like that is most certainly no accurate barometer of the times… and thank god for that, or else I’d be assured America is not just a failing empire but already in irreparable ruin. I think it’s more akin to somebody on their last few days at the job, when they’ve already checked out and feel they can say anything to anyone without repercussion. There are expressions of love and fond memory to be found, in amongst the shit slingin, but those human sentiments are dwarfed by angry anonymous nitwits desperately getting their last futile kicks in at people they’ve never met whose names they don’t know.

The timing of this movie discussion board shutdown is suspect. It comes right before the Oscars, and right after the election of the most unpopular and divisive President the Great Satan has ever handed a sceptre to. Since Cheeto Benito lied his way into office, the floodgates have opened to the worst aspects of both the Left and Right, nowhere demonstrated more amply than the Politics board. Gulfs that seemed unbridgable before have widened noticibly, tides have surged, and the supertrolls are surfing insane on the breaking waves of helpless modern discontent.

Much of the friction on the boards comes from the vehement Right wing, tireless supporters of their grand exalted leader in spite of the demonstrated, documented dishonesty and trivial immaturity exhibited consistently by he-who-shall-not-be-named. A greater amount of ammunition is expended by the Left, an endless litany of lists of lies and legendary lapses of self-control and moral judgment that, when taken in sum, paint a picture of a self-serving maniac who shouldn’t be in charge of a golf cart, much less a superpower.

Both sides are crazy, leaving little air for the sliver of calm rational users looking on objectively. But not even his loyalist fans are able to offer much in the way of solid believable support, beyond “he’s already getting rid of illegals” and “it’s not a Muslim ban, stupid, but he is keeping Muslims out like he said he would”. The overall impression I get is that POTUS opponents have a bottomless well of arrows to notch, while POTUS proponents struggle to rebrand those arrows as ‘soda straws’ or ‘licorice’ or some other alternate fact.

Which still doesn’t get me any closer to knowing why this shutdown is occurring. IMDb is owned by Amazon, whose CEO Jeff Bezos is outspoken in his opposition to President Orange Julius Caeser, therefore I can’t consolidate this move with censorship. Can I? Could the Commander In Spraytan actually have the sway to force it off the air? I sincerely doubt it — only giant multinational corporations are in a position to refute a President (even one as outspoken in his quarter-hearted promise to fight for the little guy). The site’s given reason is $$$…but the IMDb boards are trafficked by monumental numbers, so the advertising revenue is doubtless generous. IMDb has saved money besides by not providing moderators, leaving arguments free to devolve into all manner of filthy hatred.

On the boards, most first reactions are to blame the trolls and other users. There is some truth to that. But the site itself may finally be the main culprit of its own demise.


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