I haven’t mentioned anything for a while about the bright side to the current US administration (unless you’re bingeing on these posts, in which case it’s probably right there below somewhere), so it’s time to do some catching up and give you two positives:

  1. By bringing out the worst in so many, this POTUS has inadvertently brought out the best in so many more
  2. By pressing so hard on the commercial mass media’s dishonesty, the Presidonald is unwittingly hipping a lot of new minds, maybe even yours, to a fact of reality:

You are being controlled.

Time to wake up. Major media is no different from other large corporations: government, schools, religious institutions, prisons, big medicine, even so many non-profit organizations are machines driven, in the grand scheme, toward one common end: maximize profits. When something gets that big, it ceases being its own thing and becomes a machine directed by money men beholden to sponsors and stakeholders. Once the law allowed corporations to be recognized as persons, it was no longer “just business”; now it’s life and death. Media’s profits, its lifeblood, come from sponsors. Ask yourself if you think the content is filtered by them, for them, or not.

Ask yourself, Who sponsors the news you get? The answer will go some distance toward explaining *what* kind of news you get. Information coming from the matrix cannot be free from insidious, invisible biases: it’s simply the way things work, how the system grew according to its own natural laws. And since it won’t ever be in the media’s own best interests to reveal what we’re talking about here, you should feel free to remember that this is the information age, when boundless sponsor-free information (and opinion, often equally valid) is available.

“If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you’re mis-informed.”
Mark Twain

Since power is also levered on the media by government forces, so is one either leery of the news or marching in step with one’s controllers. Press releases disguised as investigative reporting are fed deliberately to the population under a mask of authenticity, mendacity upon mendacity is peddled as forthrightness. Like it or not, in this case the President’s instincts are on the money. His instincts as a human being, that is, not as a political beast. As a politician he is doing the exact wrong thing…which is in itself admirable and entertaining, and worth some attention, even for those who despise him.

I’m not saying the Donald is awake. Maybe he’s aware that more people all the time are questioning what our institutions tell them, but I doubt he knows much about the shadowy global culture war being waged against the matrix (not the movie; the machinery of a mutated utilitarianistic society that exists to preserve and perpetuate its own gain at human expense, not for human need). He certainly knows about bitcoin, but maybe not the extent of that unreal/real currency’s facility in a burgeoning underground economy taking place around dim grey corners away from surveilling eyes. Is he consciously aware that the government does less serving of the people than it does extending power over them? Possibly; he has said as much. That corporations place profits for a few over the human lives of many? He’s certainly familiar with that. That Das Kapital and not The Art Of The Deal is the real bible of business?

No, that’s asking too much; he would force himself with a tireless superhuman willpower to profess perfect ignorance over that one. I’m not saying he’s perfect. He’s not a savior, not the hero the times need, or the hero the times want, or a hero. What he might be is the bumbling right man at the right time to knock over some primo dominos.

Because unless I’m wrong, America seems to be at a crucial point. Doesn’t it to you? Yes, I’m sure every generation and era says that. Doesn’t mean it’s not true, and in these here endish days better minds than yours and me are debating with authority on whether or not the US empire is in final decline or just decline. It’s a tough time to be the Great Satan, what with experiencing increasing pressure from within and without. History doesn’t deny that since 9/11 the American Experiment has taken turns down some surprisingly fascist roads, while scrambling to salvage its global hold on an old reputation. And I’m sure no seasoned big-city know-it-all, but speaking from scant experience it seems to me that any futures down roads to facistic ruin are worth avoiding.

In the end, every end is another beginning. The system, this modern distillation of democratic capitalism as it exists, so smugly confident in its uncontrollable selfish avarice, is long overdue for some tearing down and retooling. I don’t think President 45 is the prospective fascist he’s made out to be. What he is is some kind of newly evolved species, forced into existence by his environment to herald a change of future, like a talking meerkat or a dog who can drive a speedboat.

The world as we know it may not survive his office… but that may be because it took the celebrity President to finally inspire a sea of change that’s been straining at the dam a long time to break.

And if history traces the Revolution back to Donald Trump, well, all you who keep saying things can’t any weirder can go eat a mudpie.


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