Admittedly, it’s a weak prediction:

        ***In the future, the letter combination making the wordsound 
           "trump" will have evolved new meanings.***

For certain and with no reasonable room for doubt, the truth of that statement is profoundly, uncontrollably inevitable; in fact, it has already happened. BUT few if any of those new meanings will rise above the degree of rough plebian quarter-witticism that passes for sad ingenuity among the wag-class of today. Further, statistically none will demonstrate the precision of language and focus on refined communication which toward I direct the let’s call them intentions and very whatnot hownows that the these-mine willfor herenow do be to…

So here they come, look forum: new definitions that, if those dictionary fucks know what they’re doing and have the prescient awareness to see what is truly what (plus either the clearance to make so what should be, or the gumption to eschew their formal parametric job descriptions when appropriate) are soon to be official. Ly recognized, at least.

<note: the numbers below in <> refer to two things: 1. the new definitions, and 2. the (reluctant?) allowance that these new definitions are to be granted every equal status. By its nature, it will be especially hard for a shiny word like “trump” to share definitions : that is understood. Luckily for language, it’s not up to the words, and trump will soon find out the clear lesson that when there’s am the now, that what ain’t be the aren’t.>

<Then again, no matter what the hell any of that means the man of the word likely won’t grok it>

trump <2017>    tr-ump

v. beleaguer incessantly with vexing contempt (esp. justly)
          "Darn assbutt jacked the price of Daraprim again? Shit, let's trump the crap out of 
           that lousy damn."

adj. brashly confident with unsubstantive self-aggrandizement, often despite evidence
          "I know Todd says he has three Porches; I only saw one. He also said he coined 
            the term 24/7 and saved two dogs from drowning today. When you were in the 
            bathroom he told me he invented buttonfly jeans. Don't you think him asking us 
            to pay for his Jaggers is a bit, I don't know, trumpy?"

n. (colloq) a mass of golden matter that fell unexpectedly from space, providing the civilizations of Earth all their resources and guidance for all time
          "Thank you Trump!



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