Dear Ben

New listener here, essentially Left by nature but striving to observe an apolitical light and seek rational, emotion-lite, facts-based discourse from all perspectives. Difficult that search has proven on the Con side…believe it or not, you seem to presently be the best fit for my criteria. Faint praise I know, but I mean it, and I am always open to other recommendations. Or maybe it’s your mocha mercury voice… Either way, I’m not here to suck your dick; I’m here to ask about double standards.

You vehemently decry by-your-own-measure-convincingly accused young lady molester Roy Moore’s yearbook accuser and called her claims into serious question simply because it came to light she’d annotated his own personal note and signature with the date and location and hadn’t admitted so at first. Yet, you brush off Michael Flynn’s, then-National Security Advisor of the United States of America, lying to the FBI when questioned about Russian meddling in the American democratic election process as “nothing substantive”. What gives?

Another example: in a recent show, just pre- or post-Alabama election, you avowed your ardent belief that homosexuality is a sin. In that same show you allowed that if your daughter turns out to be lesbian you’d be “okay with that”.

Is it that cognitive dissonance? It could be… except that in place of discomfort you express total complete comfort with it, such an at-home familiar intimacy that a recent poll returned 98% imagining you in slippers at the time.

Happily these instances have so far been over a handful of pods rare, because I want to keep listening. I’m gaining from it, as I gain from listening to any together person with a differing POV when I want to hear it. I know it’s politics and there’s bullshit and chicanery on all sides, but I still appreciate how you think, wrong or wronger.

Glad your ‘cast is being a success and I hope the repeal of net neutrality doesn’t adversely affect you and yours.




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