Example 1: easily select a bunch of songs and change the details.

Scenario: I import songs from CD while offline, and don’t sit and there enter every bit of information because I’m living my life for once, for f…. Later, while online or not, I struggle and thrash my way around this cutting edge high-tech machinery you call iTunes, a sad shadow on what history would have celebrated as iTunes and will now deride as iTunes. I hope you made a lot of fucking money, whoever you are, and that that fucking money fucking monkey paws the fuck out of you fucking monkeys, paaaw?

You’ll take what’s coming you, you will, and while you’re being ‘pawed we won’t even have the potential of the slightest awareness of you, ever. Because for all your fancy pro-gramming style that sank one of your own original fleet, you’s unknown, brother. You sat there for hours and for hours you coded and coded what your employer told’d you to, code, d. And that’s why I don’t really blame you, and in fact I’m sorry you’re now undergoing the worst monkeypawing of your life, assuming you’re a decent person… but this one’s not really you’re fault, and maybe that’ll count for something, if you’re a decent person. If it’s worth my vote let it be cast, “Give this one a sixteenth credit of a half credit of a whole!” believe me, that’s worth something in the supernatutural, both in money and reputation.

It’s not worth much of either, but then I don’t know anything about you and your activities outside our brief encounter here today. As far as I’m concerned, your status is “I just work here”, as goes a joke that never gets old. It can be used poorly, of course, like any, and there’s other timeless jokes of course, but they don’t concern us: who we’re after is the supreme commander of your orders—the commander of orders. The one who tells
the one who tells the ones
who tells the
ones who
tell the
other ones to tell you what to do.

Perhaps I’ve said too… Let’s just say I’ve said. Aaand while we’re since talking, let’s just say I’ve, shalln’t we? Drop the unnecessary said, and that pesky ‘ve while we’re at it too. If I had a wishlist, I’d say just I… which is where it always comes back to, in’t it?./` There’s no way for me to escapy myself on this one, not now that the most irreducible onscreen element is, becomes, and has probably always been moi, the here-man, meme, ol’ thumbsy, who we call that very thisguy. They call my “Why”, while my real name is Yves Cantyouseeme, aka: Count Andlookhere, Baron Followthisfinger, Cardinal Hyam Pointingatmyself, and others whom history shall forget. Yes it will!! I implore history to and so it must, therefore shall it shall.

Hmm, I didn’t see that second exclamation point… ohwell, probably like every other potentially significant thing I run across, let’s let it ride. I’d say slide but I caught it, haha! See? at least I do take things in and pre-pra-pru-pri-process them, well maybe not quite process, that much, or even anywhere near it, but still I let things inform and, hm, well now that you mention it, not enough. Things I’ve missed, and thing I don’t know I’ve missed. The missing, fuuu

One thing I’ll always miss is that old iTunes. Last times itunes ubdated itself — with NO YES FROM ME by the way – I sought out and reinstalled that old version that works, you know where  you can find your music and make playlists and awl that sheehoot that made the iTune brand work, ya sknow?

Let’s just keep things concise and suggest that my unrepentant fandom of the iTunes I so heartedly castigate, namely, runs the deepest bounds.


Part 2: Jan 9

In a playlist, if I move songs around, itunes 12 plays them in the order they used to be. 7 caught on within a couple seconds, adopting the new order as the fucking order that it is now in. 12, on the other hand, isn’t what you’d deem reactive by any honest standard, in that respect.

Ever desire a text file of your playlist, say for printing a cover? I don’t know about you but when I try in 12 it recommends I save it to C: drive in the Windows system folder, deep down in a folder called System 32. When I try to save it there, I’m told I need administrator permission on my own machine, with which permissions I’ve never tampered.

And let’s be honest, neither of us wants to know who wants a song’s Name, Artist, Composer, Album, Grouping, Work, Movement Number, Movement Count, Movement Name, Genre, Size, Time, Disc Number, Disc Count, Track Number, Track Count, Year, Date Modified, Date Added, Bit Rate, Sample Rate, Volume Adjustment, Kind, Equalizer, Comments, Plays, Last Played, Skips, Last Skipped, My Rating, and Location, but that is the info itunes 12.7 includes with its playlist export, and with no apparent control over optioning those headers. Furthermore, the .txt file itself, once you’re able to rope it in, is a formatless dogpile of info mocking page margins and line breaks. .

Have I said anything good about itunes yet? I like the name, I guess, but that’s all Jobs, a master of design and customer satisfaction whose legacy is being, let’s be colloquially kind and say soiled, by such weak beans as the itunes of today.

If I’m being unclear, I compel you to bring back the itunes of yesterday.


part 3 : Jan 12

Why when I float my pointer over a song does its time length disappear? What is the purpose of that? Some bugger programmed that sabotage and claimed it as work, but in his defense every second thing about this thing seems more user unfriendly than the last, thing about this thing. For example, why can’t I easily manipulate fields like Album, Time, Year, etc? I can’t even adjust the columns I have, much less add and subtract more. The old simple itunes, before nobody was in charge of it anymore, let a user use, bra. Why won’t you let a user use, bra? Bra! Bra?

There’s nobody there, nobody in charge anymore. The project is, as is said, out of control. Shit’s happening there without anyone knowing, inmates in charge and no oversight. Meanwhile the system was programmed to force upon users a suggestion to update itunes regularly, and to this day it continues to do so, whether any updates are improvements or not. Nobody knows — least of all the creators. All they know’s they just have to make enough changes to satisfy their contractual obligations and the pay will flow. So small changes accrue and mutate upon each other, with nobody in charge to hold a vision, and what was once a proud pioneer leader becometh a bloated rich hoarder.


part 3 part 2

Genius is no genius either. You want to see a playlist of your Genius-constructed playlist? Me too. If you figure out how to let me know, I’m tired of looking. The only way I found it was by oh wait, that button there beside the title window is the playlist. Good news, but I already found it anyway, by switching to Mini Player, after which I didn’t know how to return to usual. Eventually I clicked the X to start over….turns out that’s the trick to closing Mini Player and returning to UnMini Player, bop bop. Lots of things in this life are dependent on you knowing them, and those things aren’t necessarily the fault of the thing.

Some are. Say, when I select an artist from my library. All that artists’ albums show up in right columns, all tracks listed, uncollapsable, unmodifiable in order. If I have 20 Bob Dylan albums, I have to scroll through all the rest to finally reach Time Out Of Mind, and by then it’s too late.

Looking through by album is worse. Looking by song is the only way it could be, and the only place that looks anything like the useful, functional interface of old, back when itunes did what itunes should do. Anyone who says I’m a fan of this app doesn’t know me.




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