That there’s a fine candidate for either volume of my Worst 1000 Jokes list, but it’s by way of saying this is about 33 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee, what was presumably at the time a fairly standard ultra-psychedelic major network tv freakout special featuring the devil, Jerry Lee Lewis and some human primates. Sure you do, you remember them : Mickey, Wool Hat, the hippie, and the gay one.

I named no name, yet you knew who I was talking about. If you don’t believe me, watch this tv special. It includes such things as at 11:50 a segment that contains at 12:57 one second of evidence for alleged heterosexuality (though immediately followed at 13:03 by a half second of footwork that argues the same favor outside of sarcasm). Then again, one has to admit that the success with which he works those dolls, especially Red, man, regardless of any late dance prance, speaks volumes toward either straight and/or actor.

Don’t tell God but I envy his moves. There is, in Head, a wonderful number with Toni Basil that contains moments appropriate to the theme of this essay, but what I’m after is the wonderfully lightfooted musical aerobics and how they’re done. I could have taken ballroom 25 years ago with Erina, that’d been fun. Oh well, regrets I’ve had a ffffff..

fffFurther, I wonder if I’ll post this as Chimpanqueer, the original title. Why not? Nobody reads me, thankfully. It’s why I can make jokes like that, and also why I can accuse you of reading Fuhrer back there: Because it’s me! reading this and I’m the one who thought it looked that way like that. So you see I’m right, and by you I mean me.

But I’m lying. I won’t read this again, never read, rarely read what was wrut. It’s a downfall. Still, seeing at 16:10 those top three rockers in the world is a kick, and if you can hold on through more than a dozen minutes of Monkeedelica you’ll see them again, first at 29:10 with Fats Domino, what a performer. Stick with it to be rewarded, because in a minute you’ll get more transcendent Fats at 31:43. And yes I know it’s 34:50 before you get Little Richard, and then almost 35:40 for Jerry Lee, but since they’re each better than each other fuck yeah it’s worth it.

After that, it’s back to you.



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